Red Bull Pace

The Barcelona GP clearly highlighted how far ahead Red Bull cars are in terms of pace. In qualification yesterday, they were 0.8 seconds clear on Hamilton’s McLaren. Even though their race trim is not quite as impressive as their qualification pace, they are still miles ahead of the competition.

The Renault engine they are running is not as powerful as Mercedes and Ferrari engine, so the pace has to be coming from elsewhere leading many to believe that their pace is due to downforce.

Almost everyone was surprised by the huge step Red Bull has taken with the new updates building on an already successful car. The fact that Red Bull will be introducing new upgrades to their cars in Turkey must be striking fear in the hearts of their opponents.

Nick Fry, CEO of Mercedes GP, told the BBC that they know where a part of Red Bull’s pace is coming from. Does that mean that Red Bull have figured out something about aerodynamics that have alluded other teams so far?

It is more likely that the design team at Red Bull have figured out how to take full advantage of the new tire compounds.

If the Red Bull team are able to maintain their advantage, and improve reliability, the question facing their rivals will be at what point do they stop developing this year’s car and focus on the 2011 design!


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