More FIA nonesense

Hi folks,

There will be a rant posted in few hours on youtube in episode 3 of Rants on Formula 1, but the decision by the stewards (which included Damon Hill let’s not forget) is complete bullsh*t. The rules are bullsh*t, and the interpretation is bullsh*t.

As Formula 1 fans, we are treated almost with disdain by the teams and FIA rules. This was a brilliant move at the end of a race by Schumacher on Alonso. The flags were green, the Safety Car lights were off, the Safety Car was off the track, and he passed after the Safety Car lane.

All these rules restricting overtaking, like this one, need to be written off. The sport has to be exciting again. If I wanted to be bored to death, I would watch the same crap my wife does on TV.


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